IT Project Management

IT Project Management


IT Project Management Services

In order to optimize IT throughout your business you must consult with an IT company that has the ability to customize solutions to your organizational needs. At TCG we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers so we can construct a plan that will enhance productivity throughout the workplace. Since 1987, TCG Network Services has been the Boston area's trusted provider of IT project management solutions. Whatever the situation may be, the experts at TCG possess the knowledge to not only develop customizable solutions, but strategically manage the technical projects as well.

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Strategic Consulting

TCG provides free consultation to potential customers seeking to improve their business through IT optimization. Our certified experts will assess your organization and present your options for increasing efficiency throughout your business. Don’t wait. Call today for your free consultation!

System Upgrades

System Upgrades

To ensure your business is operating at full capacity it is crucial to update your system on a regular basis. From workstation to multi-server upgrades, TCG is up to date on the latest IT programs guaranteed to maximize your business’s operational efficiency.



Whether your company is facing the frustration of a limited network due to workplace wiring or the confusion of assessing wiring during office relocation, the certified experts at TCG have the knowledge needed to cable your facilities for optimum connectivity. Through relying on TCG for all your cabling needs, you establish the foundation for effective communication throughout your company.

Infrastructure Organization

Infrastructure Organization

In addition to monitoring your software, it is also crucial that your hardware is properly managed. This involves constructing a server room that fits your company. Some of the factors TCG always considers when designing the room include:

  • Accessibility

    Hardware needs to be accessible for troubleshooting purposes. This involves:

    • Cable Management

      Cable needs to be managed so wiring doesn’t tangle up across the floor.

    • Server Racks

      Server racks need to safely store each device.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    If your server room is prone to security breaches, temperature fluctuations, high levels of humidity, or any of Mother Nature’s abnormalities then you can be sure the system that supports your core business functions is at risk. This is why environmental monitoring is so important to the future of your business.

  • Power Distribution

    We make sure your power source is properly distributed between servers. Too many devices plugged into one outlet is a recipe for disaster.

  • Battery Backup

    We make sure all servers are supported by sufficient battery backup in case disaster strikes.

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