Managed Services

Managed Services


Managed IT Services

If you buy a car and drive it for thousands of miles without servicing it, the car will eventually break down. You then waste time walking or riding a bike to get to your destination. Similarly, when you buy new computer equipment and run it unmanaged for hours on end, it too will break down. The downtime you experience threatens the profitability of your company. This is where TecCare comes in. The experts at TCG designed our managed services to proactively manage every aspect of our client’s computing infrastructure to ensure constant IT optimization. Don’t wait for your car to break down, take advantage of TecCare today.

managed IT services

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an essential aspect of systems management that often gets overlooked. This is why all of our TecCare Engineers schedule meetings with their clients to plan how to enhance the efficiency of the business through IT optimization.

Systems Monitoring

Systems Monitoring

TecCare proactively monitors every aspect of your computing infrastructure, so if an issue does arise our experts can resolve the problem before it escalates.

  • Network Monitoring

    Your network is the backbone of your system. TecCare carefully monitors routers, switches, firewalls, and other peripherals to keep your network safe.

  • Firewall Monitoring

    Your system holds critical information your business relies on. TecCare monitors your firewall 24/7, protecting your network from the ever-present threat of the Internet.

  • Server Monitoring

    Your server is a mission-critical component of your system. TecCare closely monitors servers for hardware and software malfunctions at regularly scheduled intervals.

Help Desk

Help Desk

TecCare provides a comprehensive user support solution.
With the TecCare Help Desk you receive:

  • Access to Experts

    Our strategic consultants and certified experts have the knowledge needed to solve your problems in a timely manner.

  • A Personal Experience

    The certified technician who receives your call stays with the issue until it is resolved.

  • Fast, Efficient Response

    When the issue can’t be resolved with a simple phone call, our experts access the end-user’s system to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

  • 24/7 Availability

    The Help Desk maintains round-the-clock alert processing for after-hours support.

  • Activity Reports

    We provide activity reports that allow us to see any trends that develop. We also give our clients access to these reports so they can monitor the progress of their calls.

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