Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing


TCG's Cloud Computing Services

Even though the buzz around cloud computing increased dramatically within the last few years, this concept has existed for over a decade.  TCG has remained on the cutting edge of technology since 1987, so our experts understand how these services have evolved and how to leverage the three different cloud computing models to increase efficiency throughout your business.       

  • Private Cloud Computing

    For an upfront capital investment these platforms will keep important information within the confines of your system, increasing security and data availability

  • Public Cloud Computing
    These platforms do not require an upfront investment to run on shared infrastructures with unlimited scalability that dramatically increase efficiency throughout your network.
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing
    These platforms transition data between public and private clouds, leveraging the benefits of both models.  If a private cloud lacks the processing capacity for a certain application, then the public cloud can be leveraged for the necessary resources
    • Cloud File Services
      TCG’s cloud file services provide the competitive advantage you need with 24/ 7 access to files regardless of location, confidential data storage in a secure offsite location, and fast local access to information to keep up with the speed of modern business demands.
    • TecVault
      This basic data backup solution leverages the cloud so you can choose which files you want to store in a secure offsite location.  Best of all no hardware is required.
    • TecMail
      TCG leverages cloud computing to enhance communication throughout your company.  For a fraction of the cost of in-house management, we host the POP Mail version in data centers that ensure 99.99% uptime and provide integrated security with anti-spam protection.  TCG utilizes one of six Microsoft Gold Certified Data Centers worldwide to manage the Hosted Exchange version for businesses that need more from their email.
    • Email Continuity
      - Google Messaging Service (GMS) provides the highest level of email security and archiving capabilities without altering your current email setup.  Set content policies, filter spam, and stop web-borne viruses with this cloud-based solution.
      - Reflexion Archiving, Discovery, and Recovery (RADAR) provides a complete, searchable archive and automatically queues inbound email to assure business continuity amidst a local server outage.
      - Zix Mail provides the largest email encryption service in the country to keep your most important corporate assets safe and protect your email in the cloud.
  • Sharepoint
    This cloud-based platform combines a centralized document repository with collaboration, project tracking, and content management tools that enhance communication both inside and outside the office. 
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