Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems


Business Phone System Solutions

TCG Network Services has partnered with AltiGen Communications to offer the best-in-class phone system for your business. Whether you need a traditional dial tone or a complete Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution that runs on a single Microsoft server, TCG offers business phone systems guaranteed to enhance communication throughout your company. We will even host the system if you would like us to.

Boston business phone system

IP Telephony

MaxCommunications Server (MaxCS), the world’s most widely deployed 100% Microsoft-based telephony system, provides the complete software VoIP solution, allowing clients to leverage their current and future IT investment. The advantage MaxCS offers over hardware systems is immense, delivering advanced functionality at the lowest possible cost.

Mobile PBX


MaxMobile delivers the promise of converged communication. As the industry’s first true mobile Private Branch Exchange (PBX) solution, MaxMobile provides a suite of applications to extend complete business functionality to smart phones (Samsung, iPhone, Android, etc.).

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

MaxCS is built on a distributed, scalable software platform to automate all aspects of business communication. With this system employees can transfer, forward, and conference calls, receive voicemail through email, and manage calls right from their desktops, providing the presence management they need to succeed.

Call Recording

Centralized Call Recording

AltiGen's Call Recording is a powerful tool for accurately capturing conversations. Benefits of this solution include:

  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Training by example
  • Call center quality monitoring
  • Litigation protection from verbal contracts
Cordless Phone Systems

Value-Added Solutions

TCG is also a value-added reseller (VAR) for several other companies, providing clients with a wide range of options to enhance communication throughout their business.

  • Samsung Phone Systems
    Similar to AltiGen’s MaxCS, Samsung’s OfficeServ provides a secure IP convergence system that supports every aspect of business communication.
  • EnGenius Industrial Cordless Phone Systems
    With the LONGEST RANGE cordless phone system IN THE WORLD, EnGenius brings mobility wherever you need it!
  • FaxFinder
    FaxFinder® allows you to send faxes wherever you are from any application that can print and receive faxes as emails.
  • VoSKY
    Companies around the world have enhanced communication utilizing Skype for business solutions powered by VoSKY.
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