TCG Story

TCG Story

Frank McDonough and John Stone, co-founders and owners of TCG Network Services, met over 25 years ago at Wentworth Institute of Technology where both were studying to become electronic technicians. The friendship they developed began the lifelong bond that would lay the foundation for TCG Network Services several years later.

The two began their careers working in various fields within the IT industry. Both held full-time jobs while tirelessly working on their own businesses after hours- Frank with Unlimited Repair Co. and John with The Computer Clinic. Their relationship continued to grow as they helped each other in any way they could with their respective businesses.

Their responsibility to others is also evident in their active involvement throughout the
community. Frank and John are proud benefactors of the Natick Service Council (NSC). They are also members of the Corridor Nine and Metrowest Chambers of Commerce as well as contributors to the Natick Rotary Club. Several other associations TCG supports on a regular basis include the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metrowest and the Metrowest English as a Second Language Organization. TCG has also donated to the John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation, the William Rizzo Foundation, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Andrea Larkin Fundraiser, and numerous other causes that benefit the community. Furthermore, John has been devotedly chairing the local Veterans Initiative, helping veterans re-integrate into the business world. Their dedication to the surrounding community is a testament to the type of people Frank and John truly are.

In their 20+ years in business together, Frank and John have integrated a common sense approach into their business strategy: Treat people the way you want to be treated. The owners of TCG have made it their responsibility to do everything within their power to understand the needs and concerns of their clients and employees. Both firmly believe a business has a responsibility to educate and help others in any way possible.

As their company continues to grow, Frank and John remain committed to the people-first attitude the company was founded on. This philosophy has served their business, their employees, and most importantly, their clients well since 1987.
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