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IT Support


Remote & On-Site IT Support

Boston IT Support

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a certified expert you personally know just a phone call away for all your IT support concerns? At TCG we make this happen by pairing our clients with a primary technician who works hand-in-hand with them to answer questions and solve problems. Several other benefits of outsourced IT support with TCG include:

  • Proactive problem prevention
  • Quick response time
  • Emergency server support
  • Loaner service during repair
  • Stock of key components

Where else will you find the highest level of IT support in the Boston area with the ultimate customer experience? TCG shows this same commitment to our clients in each of the three service agreements we offer.

  • On-Demand Service

    Whether our certified technicians solve your problem remotely, or whether your issue requires on-site support, this pay-as-you-go option offers professional service in a timely manner.

  • Retainer Agreements

    TCG offers all our clients the opportunity to prepay labor for any of the services we offer. For the customer’s commitment to prepay, TCG will reduce travel fees and labor rates, discounting the total overall cost by 15-20%.

  • Fixed Monthly Fee

    We charge a fixed monthly fee for proactively monitoring, managing, and servicing every aspect of our client’s computing infrastructure. Through investing in TecCare, the all-in-one IT management system designed by TCG, clients receive unlimited remote support, bundled onsite hours, and so much more.

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